Provider Network

Our unique model has attracted some of the best surgeons and doctors from across the state of Colorado, and even nationwide. All of our providers are trained experts in evaluating, documenting, diagnosing, and treating personal injury patients. They take extra time with the patient to perform detailed evaluations and generate thorough reports on the injuries sustained from an auto accident to guide the patient on the proper treatment path. We strongly believe medical doctors should be directing medical care, not the financing companies.

AccessCare holds strong relationships with our providers and attorneys, so we are able to assist in communicating clearly with law offices and patients on the recommendations our providers have made for them. Our providers know the importance of time in personal injury cases. Patients are able to be scheduled for appointments on a lien within a day of receiving the referral, and bills and records are able to be accessed within a week or two from their first visit. This keeps gaps of treatment to a minimum, and the patient has a treatment plan so they can proceed to get better as soon as possible. Our attorney portal and provider portal aid in expediting this process.

Surgical Center

AccessCare is the only lien company and provider network in Colorado who owns its own surgical facility, Highline South Ambulatory Surgical Center, located in Littleton, CO. This model allows for us to be advocates for our providers and gives us the tools to compensate our providers more than any other network for the extra time, diligence, and significance they add to each case personal injury case. Ultimately, giving the patient the exceptional care they need and providing law offices with a well-built case on the medical side to maximize the outcome for the patient.

We can treat patients on a medical lien, or through accepted health insurances, so the patient always has optimal choices to fit their case parameters as needed. If the patient resides in a geographical location outside of our facility reach, AccessCare is able to obtain contracts at other clinics and surgical centers so patients can have access to our provider network and schedule treatment in a location that is most convenient to them. We service personal injury patients from Ft. Collins, to Brighton, to the Denver metro, South Denver, into Colorado Springs, and most places in between.

Medical Liens & Funding

As a medical funding company, AccessCare is able to hold our own liens for all of our providers’ evaluations, procedures, and surgeries. Because we are a self-funded business, we are able to fund many large surgical procedures that other financing companies are unable to carry. AccessCare has vetted and built strong relationships with physical medicine providers across the state, so we are able to utilize conservative care to its full potential, as recommended by our medical doctors, before any surgical intervention or procedure is done.

We have also created strong relationships with the law offices we work with, so our care coordinators are able to communicate with the legal staff and work within the parameters of the case for medical funding services. Patient care is always the priority within out network. AccessCare prides itself on being an elite company, backed by exceptional providers, to navigate and excel within any personal injury case.

Fine-Tuned Processes

We know that fluid processes make synergistic relationships successful. AccessCare has dedicated countless hours fine-tuning our operational processes so that each case is easy to navigate and there is full transparency in our communication. Our market managers and care coordinators work intensively to get each referral set up properly from the start, obtaining all of the imperative information necessary to communicate to our provider offices and the patient is set up for success.

We advise the referral source and law offices once when patients have been scheduled, send notes and bills within a week or two with recommendations, and consult with the client and law firms to see if there are means to proceed with the treatment plan provided by our physicians. If health insurance needs to be used, or if lien fees need to be split, we can navigate these obstacles to find the best fit for the patient care and within their case limits. This is why AccessCare invests so much time into our relationships all around! It is a collective effort to make each case a success, no matter how big or small.

Our Patient portal and Attorney portal expedite the processes of obtaining bills, records, and overall communication. We follow up consistently so no case or patient falls through the cracks. We are always open for feedback to better our processes, and encourage you to drop a comment of what you’re loving, or not loving with AccessCare!

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